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Get ready to ZOOM!Zoom is a simple-to-use online video conferencing and meeting platform that offers quality video, audio, screen-sharing, recording, and group collaboration features. Use Zoom to hold virtual meetings with one student or your whole class. Zoom can be used on all platforms including iPhone, iPad, and Droid devices. You can literally meet with your students or colleagues from anywhere at anytime.

Basic ZOOM vs. Pro ZOOM

A Basic ZOOM account will allow users to create, attend, and manage HD video conferences for multiple attendees for 40 minutes as well as utilize the ZOOM IM feature in the desktop client application.

A Pro account will allow all for unlimited meeting times for up to 100 attendees as well as cloud storage for the meeting that can be used to add to a Moodle class. ULM has licenses available for Pro accounts.Please emailgandrews@ulm.eduٴ setup your Pro account.

>Helpful Tip:How to create a Zoom Meeting

>Privacy Info:
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For more tips, see below...

1. Be sure you process all ZOOM update notifications as they come up. You can also check for updates by logging into the desktop software and clicking the icon with your name in the top right corner and selecting“Check for Updates”.

2. If you are recording your ZOOM meetings or classes, they will be saved in the cloud and NOT your local machine. For information, watch this video: .

You can share that recording to Moodle if you like but be careful sharing on any other platforms and be mindful of any sensitive or confidential material that may be in the video.

3. When in a meeting, the instructor can lock the meeting to prevent anyone else from joining thus eliminating the possibility of someone joining that doesn’t need to be.

a)Click on the Manage Participants button at the bottom of the screen

b)Select the More button in the window that pops up

c)Click the Lock Meeting option and you’re all set.

4.As always, YOU have control of your class. You can mute mics, turn off cameras, etc at anytime.

Sandel 211 Video Conferencing Room

Have you found yourself or your department needing a room that can handle 10-15 people for a video conference or to attend a webinar but there are no conference rooms available? Sandel 211 may be the answer. The set-up is perfect for any type of video meeting. Tabletop microphones for clear transmission and the largest screen on campus as well as electronic window shades for privacy.

To reserve the room, click here:

Please contact Greg Andrews if you have any questions.