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Email: SeeOffice 365 Helpfor detailed information. ULM offers the Office 365 suite of software for students, faculty and staff.


We are utilizing Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) as part of our Office 365 suite.

Please be aware that you will no longer need to go to the Barracuda to see your quarantined messages! Now, your quarantined messages will come to your email in the JUNK folder.

This will greatly simplify how you manage yourSPAMemails. Here is an informational documentthat will explain some of the features of this new product.

Please reportall SPAM / Phishing emails tospam@ulm.edu

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the help desk at (318) 342-3333.


We are utilizing Microsoft’s quarantine messaging system.

You will find that this quarantine system functions much like our previous Barracuda firewall. For help, see the informational documentation that will show you how to connect and manage your quarantined emails. Microsoft recommends that you check your quarantine at least once per day.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact the help desk at (318) 342-3333.


Avoid Email Phishing Scams:Learn more to protect yourself, seePhishing information.

Please reportall SPAM / Phishing emails tospam@ulm.edu

TIP:You will never receive an email from the ULM staff(which includes, but not limited to, Information Technology, HR, the president's office, etc...)that requests your password or other confidential information via email. This includes any and all emails that ask for your email login credentials, Banner or Moodle passwords, etc... If you receive any emails stating you need to immediately change your password, either by sending the information electronically, or visiting another website, it is false and not to be trusted. Even if that email is from someone at ULM, it is not a valid email and should not be taken seriously."