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Banner is ULM's online service for student admissions, course registration, and employee services. Through this system, students canapply for admission,add/drop classes, change personal information, check grades, obtain their schedule, pay tuition and many other services. Employees can access HR & payroll information, check leave balances and more. Banner is accessible through the myULM portal. Prospective students can link to the admissions application through the Future/Prospectivestudent links.

Functional departmentsshould direct your respective staff to access Banner for administrative tasks at. This resource is only available on Campus or through an authenticatedVPNsession.

A faculty/staff member that has access to Banner also has access to ePrint with the same login credentials. To view reports in the ePrint system, access must be applied for and approved by University Information Technology. To apply for access, change your access, or request special access, see the appropriate form in the.

See ePrint information for more about using this system.

Helpful Info: Use this navigation reference for the Banner 9 interface.

Step-By-Step Banner Instructions



Instructions for Administrative Academic Support Staff- These instructions are intended for Deans, Associate and Assistant Deans, Department Heads and related Administrative Assistants.

Instructions for Faculty Advisors & Staff- These instructions are intended for Faculty Advisors & all other Staff.


Internet Native Banner Budget Queries- These instructions are for all Budget Inquiriesin Banner.

Self-Service Banner Budget Queries- These instructions are for all Budget Inquiriesin Self-Service Banner.

Post Banner Migration (3-18-2017) Access Suggestions

How to access INB[pdf]

How to access AppManager [pdf]