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Information Technology


ULM provides software in several ways. It is either pre-installed as part of our imaging process, requested through the Helpdesk for site license packages, or installed in IT maintained labs.

Software Requests for University-Owned Computers

The University provides the following platform via a standard PC image installed by the Help Desk: Windows 10, MS Office, Adobe Reader, standard browsers, VLC Media Player and other support software as needed.

The standard image platform for Mac contains the latest OS, Office 365, Chrome and Firefox.

The university offers, via site license, the following optional packages:

SPSS, SAS, Camtasia and Snaggit

Users can also download up to 5 installations of Office 365 Education, for both PC and Mac platforms, on most desktop and mobile devices. Information can be foundhere:ڴھ365

Contact the Helpdesk (#3333) to request the software and obtain installation media. NO FORM NEEDED.

Software for Labs

Most labs computers have the same basic image that contains software needed to generally meet students requirements. There are also curriculum specific packages, such as MattLab or CAD, that can be installed as needed. For offerings and installation information, please contact Don Garrett at x3441 or complete the


Information Technology requires that all university owned machines haveapprovedsoftware installed.This software is installed on each system as part of our standard imaging process. If you feel your system does not have this software installed, please contact the Helpdesk (#3333) for assistance.


Note: colleges and departments within the university may have software licenses other than those maintained by Information Technology.

Software is distributed in accordance with the following policies:

Contact the Helpdesk (#3333) if you need additional information.