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Campus Wide Communication Overview

Campus-wide communicationshould be used to send your message to the university community. In all cases, the message must be university-related and the message will be reviewed prior to publication or posting. There are several ways to deliver your campus-wide message:

Event Calendar - The ULM Web calendar can be viewed at . Complete informationon how to get your event approved for posting on the ULM web calendar is availableon ULM'sEvent Planningand Web Calendar page

Group E-mail is a feature of ULM's e-mail system which allows users to send e-mail to a select group of recipients. A list of all established e-mail groups is available at ulm.edu/mailman/listinfo. Complete information is availableonULM'sGroup E-mail page

AxisTV is aclosed-circuit, on-campus communication system which uses flat-screen plasma monitors to broadcast important information to ULM students, faculty, and staff. Displays are located at various points around campus. Complete information is availableon ULM'sAxisTV page

Fant-Ewing Message Boardisa three-sided, electronic billboard-type display located in front of Fant-Ewing Coliseum.Complete information is availableon ULM'sFant-Ewing Message Boardpage

Notifications is a way to target specific groups within the . Currently, notifications are limited to student groups. Complete information about notifications is available from the Office of Student Life and Leadership