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Proof of Immunization Compliance Form
Bulletin: Immunization Form

Proof of Immunization or Waiver Process

All ULM students (including those completely online) are required to show proof of all required immunizations ORhave an exemption recorded.

Students should upload the completed forms and other information/documentation

Students who do not submit the required immunization information or exemption form will have an immunization hold preventing them for registering for classes.

Students who do not know their MyULM username and password should visit. To find their username, students should enter the Campus-Wide ID (CWID) that appears on their admission letter. The password is initially assigned using the student’s birth month, birth day, & year, followed by a dash and then the last 4 digits of their CWID. Ex: 090395-1234

Students needing assistance can emailadmissions@ulm.edu

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