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ULM Math students attend annual meeting and competition

Published March 26, 2024


CAPTION:(L-R, standing) Dr. Blake Farman, Pradeep Poudel, Sumiksha Koirala, Courtney Stephenson, Niriara KC, Dinesh Chhantyal, Dr. Jemin Shim (L-R, kneeling) Pushkar Kandel, Subik Sapkota, Subash Sapkota

MONROE, LA Eight ULM students enjoyed the opportunity to attend the annual meeting of the Louisiana-Mississippi section of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) in New Orleans, LA from February 29 through March 2, 2024. Students attended a Career Panel highlighting the many opportunities for mathematics majors post-graduation, participated in workshops on mathematical modeling and data science, attended talks focused on applications of mathematics to problems in hydrology, data science, fluid dynamics, and logic, and networked with faculty, professional mathematicians, and other students from the region.

When asked to summarize the experience, Subik Sapkota said, “Attending the workshops and participating in the competition at the MAA sectional meeting was a truly enriching experience for me. I gained valuable insights into the prospects of a math major and discovered new career paths within mathematics that I found intriguing. The opportunity to learn from experts in the field and engage with fellow enthusiasts was both inspiring and educational. Overall, it was a rewarding journey that has fueled my passion for mathematics even further.”

In addition to networking and professional development, students demonstrated their problem-solving skills by participating in the 21st annual Integration Bee. The competition included 55 students from 11 schools across the region. ULM was represented by Dinesh Chhantyal, Pushkar Kandel, Nirjara K C, Sumiksha Koirala, Pradeep Poudel, and Subik Sapkota. ULM students exhibited exceptional performance by taking five of the top seven spots, with Dinesh Chhantyal placing third overall.

The next MAA sectional meeting will take place in Spring 2025 in Jackson, MS. According to Subash Sapkota, “I would definitely recommend my fellow mathematics majors attend MAA meetings as they are a great resource for networking, insightful workshop experiences, inspiring people, and someone who can guide you because they were somehow in the same shoes in some point of their life.” Students who are interested in participating in the future should keep an eye out for the Integration Bee qualifier in the Fall.

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