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How we shine...
New curriculum planned to make Actuarial Science classes be offered on a regular basis
Who to contact in Mathematics
Dr. Anne Case Hanks,
School of Sciences

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

About Mathematics...
The mission of the Department of Mathematics and Physics is committed to providing outstanding mathematics and science education to all of ULM's students. Building from a solid foundation of dedicated faculty, the department provides a top quality mathematics and science curriculum incorporating contemporary educational technology as well as innovative teaching strategies. Along with the essential quantitative skills, all levels of the curriculum will develop logical reasoning and problem solving skills.

What you can do with this degree:
Actuarial Science, Biostatistics, Numerical Computing, Operations Research, careers requiring critical thinking skills ranging from business to the medical sciences

What careers have our graduates pursued?
Education, Nuclear Engineer Officer, Researcher, Statistician

Our graduates have gone on to work at
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, CenturyLink, J.P. Morgan Chase, St. Francis Medical Center, U.S. Air Force

Where have our students gone on to graduate school?
University of Maryland- Mathematics and Finance, Florida State University-Mathematical Biology, University of North Carolina-Statistics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette-Applied Mathematics, Louisiana Institute of Technology-Mathematics, Texas A&M University-Mathematics

Check out some of our learning opportunities:
Majors have research opportunities through the Emerging Scholars program.

Take advantage of online learning.
Math 093 Introductory Algebra, Math 111 College Algebra, Math 112 Trigonometry, Math 116 Elementary Statistics and Math 118 Nature of Mathematics are all available online.

Get involved beyond the classroom:
Kappa Mu Epsilon (KME-Mathematics National Honor Society)

Where are our faculty's interests?
Dr. Youssef Dib, Biomathematics and Population Modeling in Difference Equations, Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations; Dr. David Hare, Statistics; Dr. Faisal Kaleem, Complex Analysis; Dr. Mariette Maroun, Boundary Value Problems in Differential Equations and Time Scale; Dr. Brent Strunk, Commutative Algebra; Dr. Christine Cumming-Strunk, Mathematics, Commutative Algebra with emphasis on Rees algebras, residual intersections, reductions of ideals, the core of ideals, canonical modules, and multigraded modules