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All cardinals and science caves

I realise now that my resistance to the film was also the result of a genuine desire for the transcendence it sought to promote, and that in promoting it had destroyed.

-David Spittle

Diastema to the ageing process. Choosing what food your food eats. Turning a blind eye to the bearded man  who'll hack the tuna slumped across the counter. An eyepatch. Eye element is symbolic of what is not on film. The punctum of the sea. I'll finish the fish metaphor with a heavy blade, undressed and prizing apart ribs, until the ocean dires like aquaman. In his falling arms the beekeepers speak to one another underwater, in the archives and hold mournful picnics In the aquarium. My meaning is a cube of water sinking, swapping absent bees

for drowning friends.

SJ Fowler is a writer, poet, and artist based in London, exploring the possibilities of contemporary literary and experimental poetry, prose, visual literature and performance. His work covers a variance of subjects (and is subject-led) using diverse writing methods and techniques as best fitsthe ranging content: from museums, boxing, and prescription drugs, to animals, humans and history; frequently engaged in collaboration, illustration and language itself. : :

published eight collections of poetry, five of artworks, six of collaborative poetry plus volumes of selected essays and selected collaborations. His writing has explored subjects as diverse as prescription drugs, films, fight sports, museums, prisons and animals.

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