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limbs curled

moved by a hidden design


my left eye is straining to contain what is seen


Mendoza is a poet and researcher investigating disembodiment, liminal space and marginal entities through poetic practice. Their work evolves through a series of creative processes: performance, making and unmaking, appropriation and assimilation, exploring the interaction between sound, image and text as a means of de-constructing / (re)constructing the ‘self’. Work references Northumbrian history, North-Eastern dialect, and explores the idea of containment through self-imposed boundaries, with an emphasis on both the materiality of the text and the creation of (single or multiple) textual identities. Mendoza runs the occasional press ninerrors poetry series, editor of FREAKLUNG poetry zine and co-editor/event organizer with Sarah Crewe and Pascal O’Loughlin at Stinky Bear Press. Mendoza’s poetry can be heard at the Archive of the Now

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